Sport & Exercise Performance

Without question, our dietitian team will improve your sport and exercise performance. We will be able to give you the precise recommendations you need to fuel your training, perform on game day, recover effectively, protect your immunity, assist with injury rehabilitation and even manipulate your body composition to ensure you are at your peak. Whether you are an weekend warrior, gym go-er, or a world-class athlete, our dietitians have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you. 

Having partnered with elite sporting teams such as Melbourne Storm, Melbourne VictorySunshine Coast Lighting and the Australian Lacrosse team, we are no strangers to supporting high level athletes through our tailored nutrition strategies. We use the same strategies implemented with our elite athletes for our clients as well.

We are experienced working with coaches, strength and conditioning experts, doctors, physiotherapists and other members of your existing health and performance team.

So, if you want to enhance your sport & exercise performance, hit us up.

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The Right Advice

We see many clients who come in thinking sports and exercise nutrition is just about carbs, protein and fats (macros) however the truth is, that’s just the beginning. 

To truly get the visible results and performance benefits you are looking for it’s key to look at the periodisation of nutrient intake and timing of nutrients, combined with implementing nutrition strategies to ensure positive mental health, quality sleep and effective recovery. That’s what Fuel Your Life’s dietitian team can do for you.  

Results driven

You might think you ‘know what you need to eat’ but seeing a Fuel Your Life dietitian will be the connection between that knowledge and getting results in the short and long term. We utilise our teams expertise to apply carefully considered, results-driven approaches to sports nutrition and tailor this to each client’s goal. 

Ditching cookie-cutter approaches and specifically identifying how your nutrition needs to change to ensure the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. There is no guess work here. 

A team to Support You

The biggest marker of long term success is the support and accountability an expert can provide you. 

What we offer that other dietitain companies can’t is the largest network of dietitains in the country to give you just that. No matter what dietitian you see from our team, no matter where you are in Australia, you receive the knowledge, skills and support of our team of dietitians who have over 150 years of combined practical experience.  

Can A Nutrition Plan For Exercise Performance Help You?

In essence, healthy and well-balanced diet plans for exercise performance allow you to:

Perform at a higher level at your chosen activity, workout or sport;
Reduce the risk of illness and injury onset;
Maximise recovery periods after working out or strenuous exercise.

What Is Fuel Your Life?

Fuel Your Life is the largest dietetics practice in Australia. We provide an established suite of services that utilise our many relationships with a wide range of general practitioners, aged care facilities, communities, hospitals and networks. This allows us to deliver an end-to-end approach for those seeking dietitian advice for exercise and sports nutrition.

Offering a holistic approach to dietetics, we are a team of professionals experienced in the fields of:

Ready to to take your training to the next level?