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We are excited to announce we were awarded the Murrumbidgee PHN tender for the Murrumbidgee Wellness and Resilience Model of Care, delivering a network of allied health services to the Murrumbidgee region of NSW until 2021. WARATAH stands for Wellness And Resilience Achieved Through Allied Health. 

Under this model Fuel Your Life will be coordinating Allied Health services in the region through the new WARATAH care cycle, to increase the access to care and improve the wellbeing of those at risk or vulnerable within the community. 

Our Plan

On 1 November 2019, referrals from General Practitioners (GPs) to MPHN allied health services changed under the Murrumbidgee Wellness and Resilience model. As part of this project we developed the WARATAH care cycle. Under this cycle, referrals are valid for up to 6 sessions of treatment. This new care cycle aims to improve the quality of care delivered to the community.

How does the WARATAH care cycle work?

  • An eligible patient can be referred by their GP to an allied health provider for treatment.
  • The patient can be referred for a maximum of 6 sessions per referral, per provider type. 
  • After the first appointment and at the end of the care cycle the Allied Health Practitioner will send a report to the patients referring GP.
  • The GP will use this report to review the progress of treatment and assess if further allied health treatment is clinically required, or whether other treatment options are needed. 
  • There is no limit to the number of clinically relevant care cycles a patient can be referred for. 

Why are we introducing the WARATAH care cycle?

  • Increase the communication between a patient’s GP and Allied Health Practitioners
  • Provide more targeted and effective care to patient’s to help them achieve their health goals
  • Improve the communication between a patient’s Allied Health Practitioners
  • Create a more connected healthcare model in the region
  • Improve the connection of all healthcare providers in the region towards a healthier and stronger Murrumbidgee. 
Fuel Your Life WARATAH Indiv care cycle

What Allied Health providers does the funding support?

The three main allied health disciplines funded by the WARATAH program are:


Diabetes Education

Some funding can be sort in particular areas of the Murrumbidgee region for other allied health services. However, Psychology services are not covered under the WARATAH funding model. 

If you are unsure if your services will be covered, please contact waratah@fuelyourlife.com.au

Who is eligible for funding through the WARATAH care cycle?

The program targets people who experience the following conditions

  • Obesity
  • At risk of obesity – particularly in youth
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Frailty
  • Respiratory disease
  • Physical inactivity

The program must also provide for target cohorts identified by MPHN, including

  • Low socio-economic status
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Mothers, babies and children,
  • Young people
  • Older people, aged 65 years and over
  • Refugees

If a patient identifies as one, or many of these, they may be eligible for treatment.

If you require further information please get in touch

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